Lindsey Rae Johnson, Opera Singer, Music Teacher and Kindermusik Educator, San Francisco, CA

Teaching Experience


Lindsey has previously offered private and group voice and piano lessons for students of all ages, as well as Kindermusik classes for ages 0-7 plus parents. Her voice and piano studio spanned the age range of 5-31 years. Lindsey is not available to provide lessons at this time.

Kindermusik Promo Video


Lindsey began her teaching career in Texas in 2010. She served on the Voice Faculty at the Music Institute of North Texas (Frisco), Kindermusik Faculty at Sound Steps (Dallas), and Kindermusik Faculty at Creative Soul School of Music (Watauga). In the Bay Area, she served as Voice, Piano, and Kindermusik Faculty with Amabile School of Music from 2012-13. 

Lindsey started a Kindermusik business in 2011, entitled Kindermusik with Ms. Lindsey. Visit Kindermusik International for more information on this wonderful music and movement program for young children!

Lindsey has been a certified substitute teacher in California and has offered tutoring services in Iowa and Texas. She tutored in German, Italian, French, and English, as well as for the math, verbal, and writing sections of standardized tests including the GRE and SAT. She has tutored privately, with Ace Pro Tutors (Denton, TX), and with the Luther College Writing Center.

Previous Music Educator Conferences

52nd NATS National Conference
National Association of Teachers of Singing
June 29-July 3, 2012
Orlando, Florida

NATS Texoma 2011 Regional Conference
National Association of Teachers of Singing
November 3-5, 2011
Shawnee, Oklahoma

Classical Singer Convention 2011
Classical Singer Magazine
May 20-22, 2011
Los Angeles, California

TMEA Convention 2011
Texas Music Educators Association
February 9-12, 2011
San Antonio, Texas